It's January.  It's the deep of winter.  And it's the perfect time to feel warm.  Sometimes we create our own comforts.  A nestled fireside read.  Maybe a flavorful dinner or romantic resort.   Resolve in 2013 to hit the pause button more often!   For a while now, we have had a "running the marathon" definition of time, where we think we have to keep going, going, going because there is just too much to do.  It turns out that putting off free time because you need to address the dishes and the laundry is a terrible idea.  As you tackle each chore, marathon-style, your cortisol level stops declining the way it normally should in the evening, your happiness level is not what it could be, and pretty soon your head feels like exploding.  Ok, maybe it won't be that bad.  But, I'm here to say:  Slow down, take time for relationships and relax!  Your health depends on it.  It may feel like your doing nothing, but you're actually doing something very good, for yourself and your loved ones.  Do I practice what I preach?  Of course not.  But starting this month I'm really, really going to try!